Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Killa Dilla

Let's get this out there right now - Killa Dilla rocks, in that Ted Nugent, late 60s - early 70s, men+guitar&drums sense of the word.  I dunno, maybe their moniker gives it away.  You tell me.  

You've got 2 guys - Billy Leger, Eitel Colberg.  
That's Eitel on the left, pounding away on the drumkit.  That's Billy there on the right, his partner in rock worship, flailing away on his Flying V.  Both abusing their chosen weapon with furious, aggressive skill and fist-pumping passion (that these images can't do justice to), invoking a kind of post-flower-child adoration among fellow devotees, and evangelizing the rest of us; urging a repentant return to the Flock of Rock.  

Maybe that's a bit much, but these guys inspire hyperbole - Anybody with the chutzpah to take the stage with just 2 instruments and a mic deserve a look. 

 Now there are other great 2-member bands (Before Dawn comes immediately to mind), and we're tempted to make a comparison with We Aim To Try.  But the typical 2-person act bolsters their sound with computers and synths of various weight and purpose; nudging them into the experimental or electronic genre.  

It's a rare duo that's willing to do just straight-ahead rock, let alone go mano a mano with the iconic Hard Rock genre; just them and two instruments.

But that's what you get when you go Killa Dilla - Straight up, pump your fist, somebody-call-Jack-Black, Rock with a capital R.  Managed to see them at the last Catch the Breeze with 3 Degrees event at Venue 222, and the impression is that Billy simply cranks it to 11, and Eital bangs loud enough to be heard over it - When he brought out the mallets for one of their numbers, I feared for his Zildjians

Let's just say this.  If you've still got Tres Hombres in heavy rotation on your iPod or Zune, it's a safe bet you'll find some space on that thing for Killa Dilla.

[Photos by Rafael Rodriguez]

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