Wednesday, November 16, 2011

CD Review - Tin Can Phone's "Adapter"

We've kinda had our one good eye on Tin Can Phone since we ran this article on them back in the day. So we knew it was coming, their latest LP, Adapter, and snatched it up first chance.
And Yep, we're gonna recommend you do the same. If you want to save time, just stop reading now and go here.
So a little background - Tin Can Phone generates some sweet home-grown reggae, with their previous release, 15 Songs, blistering with excellent Jamaican-styled heat.

Then they release this, which would be an injustice to call a "followup": It humiliates the high bar set by "15 Songs", with deeper compositions, cross-genre explorations, and better workmanship; setting a new standard for, or perhaps a new definition of, these guys from Michigan.

They drag you in with the ska-ish, pop-rock-reggae mania of the first track ("New Song"), then barrage you with numbers bulging with bridges, intros, nearly-too-short guitar solos, change-ups, and the occasional unfamiliar time signature. In this release, you'll get studied, almost psych-jam sessions and discoveries ("Sink", "Rapid Eye Movement"), as well as jazzish time signatures ("5 by 5") and rock-hard guitar solos("Urgency", "Peace of Mind").

Though they never stray too far out of their reggae comfort zone, the fact that they wander into other genres with ease proves a branching out into new turf, a movement past (or through?) the reggae genre, and into their own unique, reggae-rock-ska-jazz sound. A turning point, we'll say. Or maybe just the logical progression of experience, clarity, and inspiration, brought on by passion, a home studio, and a serious work ethic.

At any rate, buy now, thank us later.

And in the probable case that you don't believe us, give a listen and make your own call:

Find out more about Tin Can Phone on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace, Bandcamp, and Home Base.

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