Wednesday, January 4, 2012

EP Review - Language Room's Skin & Heart & Lungs

New Year, new music, and Language Room is there for you.
[Photo by Abel Longoria]
That's them. All these guys can sing, but (left-to-right) Scott Graham does guitar + keys, Todd Sapio does guitar, Sean Hill pounds on the drums, and Matt Graham handles the bass + keys.

Graham and Sapio moved here from LA back in '07, and have since shifted some personnel, released a CD ("Language Room" available on iTunes and Amazon), and have melted some faces in our finer venues. In a nutshell - These guys have been there, done that, and know how to produce the Good Stuff.

Which is what the just-popped-out "Skin & Heart & Lungs" is, the Good Stuff:
It's just a 4 song EP, so it'll only set you back $3.96 (on either iTunes or Amazon). So go ahead and pick it up - It's a smart, hook-filled rock-pop collection, bulging with passion and gleaming with top-shelf production values.

"Open Air" is the opener, an anthem-istic pop number that fluctuates from tinny glockenspiel to thumping bass and sharp guitar lines. "Kerosene" follows, a quietly-started/loudly-ended rock-powered pop number that's more rock than pop. The title song is #3 in this collection, a hauntingly brilliant number that you will be tempted to bring to your next karaoke party. "Breachers" ends the set with excellence; a spooky, bass-lead progression, punctured with sinister-stabbing guitars and overlaid with excellent vox.

Here, give "Skin & Heart & Lungs" a hear (or three) before heading out to Amazon for your own copy:

Find out more about Language Room Facebook or Home Base.


  1. I love these guys, and this E.P. is nothing short of brilliant!

  2. I'm loving the new tracks. Without a doubt, these guys are my favorite band from Austin.