Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Sky Jet Black

Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm round of applause for Patrick Marshall of Knifight fame, who's done us the kindness of allowing us to repost this piece.

I caught A Sky Jet Black for the first time at Beauty Bar over a year ago. Following my initial experience, I made a point to see them live as much as possible. Upon first listen, they sound something like female-fronted Joy Division with allusions to The Cure reeling from Disintegration or Siouxsie and the Banshees fresh off The Scream.
The brainchild and creative outlet of Tim Josserand and Kara Weinstein, A Sky Jet Black seldom disappoints wistful and romantic partialities while completely fulfilling any hopes of lo-fi electro pop synth waves and pulsing Madchester club beats.
At any given performance you will find Tim fastidiously brooding over melodic bass lines, rich with chorus and 16th note delay, as he stands sullen toward backstage. He stays nearly hidden in the shadows of front-woman Kara and her construction of tube-driven drum machines, micro-synth, and melodica. Her longing, sometimes stern vocals amalgamate the sorrowful knot in your throat, and the excited movement of your feet, and bobbing head.
Recently, Tim and Kara hit it off with ex-Mass Rituals guitarist and lead vocalist Cody Jackson. Cody is a befitting addition to the former duo, bringing with him a morose style of guitar playing reminiscent of a Fender VI-wielding Robert Smith or a slightly less apprehensive Bernard Sumner.

Tim, Kara, and more recently Cody, have been feverishly working through the summer on a self-produced album in their guesthouse-turned-studio. They hope to have it finished and ready for release this fall. This album, like cooler weather, cannot come soon enough.
A Sky Jet Black recently played Cheer Up Charlie’s, a charming, hip dive bar on East Sixth Street with Bali Yaaah, Cry for Us Black Swans, and Les RAV. You can and should catch their next performance alongside some of the same acts on Sunday, September 18th at Swan Dive.

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