Wednesday, July 27, 2011

MoTel Aviv

We've focused on more "primitive" rock lately, so let's fast-forward a bit. Not all the way to the present day; lets just move about 20+ clicks up the timeline, to a place of parachute pants and Member's Only Jackets; the birthplace of New Wave music, the kind that MoTel Aviv does so well.
Maybe it doesn't look like it because of those clothes, but Yep, that's a fresh picture (by Scott David Gordon) of MoTel Aviv. From left to right, we've got Cole Hanson on guitar, Rodney Connell behind the mic, Jayson Altman manning the drum kit, and Misti Watkins on the bass. They've been together since 2009, and have graced Beauty Bar, The Parish, and the other usual venues; making fans and converting the press all along the way (check out this piece in The Austinist and this one on The Squawker) with their synth-light, 80-ish pop-rock.

We call their sound "80-ish" partly because of Connell's vox, which could easily be mistaken for The Smiths' Morrissey.
But the guitar riffs backing up Connell's vox do the 80's clang thang too; flavored a bit high in EQ, they shimmer with the reverberated depth that The Police used to have. So if The Police and The Smiths are alright with you, then yeah, you're gonna need to put some MoTel Aviv on that iPod: Check out "The Unknown", track #1 below, for a really good taste of their ready-for-radio sound.
They can do the radio-friendly thing with apparent ease, and are not afraid to embrace their inner A Flock of Seagulls - First chance you get, check out the mondo sci-fi references in "Raise Your Love", or try out "Suffering Eyes" (#3, below).

Let's just call MoTel Aviv contemporary 80s; pop-structured, well-produced numbers; with a rock-solid rhythm section supporting Hanson's lightning guitar work, all upholding Connell's excellent vocals.

With a new music video due out soon, and the plethora of dynamite reviews populating the interwebs, expect to hear and see more of MoTel Aviv in the coming months. And not just at our local venues either.

Here's a few of the tracks you'll find on the Post Modern Nation LP. But do yourself a favor - go ahead and get ALL the tracks, from either Amazon or iTunes. You decide.

Find out more about MoTel Aviv on FaceBook, ReverbNation, and MySpace.

[Photos by Scott David Gordon.]

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