Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Synthetamine is the musical entity of one Robert Thayer, a Texas-born, classically-trained, street-wisened, battle-hardened veteran of the School of Indie.  He's been in several different bands (Lower Class Brats, JoeRockHead, Red Church), but now flies solo in electronica/dance/DJ venues such as Headhunters, Red-Eyed Fly, and Carousel Lounge.

Thayer started pounding the piano at 9, but nowadays his weapon of choice is the synthesizer (hence the title of his act), with the wont (and chops) to play more than one at a time:
Though the latest release, "Radio Ghost", is tucked away neatly into the electronica/dance corners of our genre-loving indie music world, it's something of an oddity there; occasionally veering away, Crystal Method-like, into guitar-riffing rock (give a listen to DNA, track 10, below), or funk grooves (Confinement, track 9); most of the tracks featuring dense melodic lines, full-on chord progressions, and blazing keyboard arpeggios.

But let's not misrepresent here:  Synthetamine's tracks are imminently danceable, and you'll find yourself bobbing your head, driving a little faster, and enjoying one of our more frenetic partners in indie.  

Find (and enjoy) Synthetamine on Facebook, ReverbNation, and at home base.